We are a manufacturers Sales Agency, serving the Kitchen & Bath Industry since 1994.  Started on Long Island, New York and now working from Colchester Connecticut.  The move to Colchester centralizes our office to service the Northeast.  In 1974 we had started a Home Improvement company that specialized in Kitchens & Baths.

As Members of the National Kitchen and Bath Associate and a Certified Kitchen Designer, Mark LaCombe CKD. We are also expert of 2020 Design Software and Catalog Creation / Maintenance.

In today’s market it is important to be in tune with the internet and technologies. Your companies ability to survive and more importantly thrive!  Is at stake!  We enjoy seeing our manufacturers grow their business.  We take an active role in promoting their products in the field and with technologies.  2020 Design software is under used in many cases… either by manufacturers or the dealers.  Catalogs are sometimes written poorly or seen as unimportant, but a necessity to just have one.  We can help you increase your sales with a better 2020 Catalog and training at the manufacturer level or the dealers perspective.

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Mark LaCombe CKD, President