FlipBooks are a great way to promote your product line. Many manufacturers are using PDF’s of their catalogs (which is good) but not really practical without a complete set of Bookmarks to navigate the catalog quickly and effectively. Most PDF’s have only been set up to scroll through… You don’t want to scroll around a 200 or 300 page document.  The search feature takes way too long and produces to many possible options to review.

The answer is a beautiful FlipBook of your existing PDF.  As the manufacture you do not have to maintain the FlipBook, we do it for you. Including setting up the Bookmarks for easy navigation. When you revise your PDF, simply send it to us to import it into your FlipBook! That’s it!

As the manufacturer you can host this FlipBook on your website or provide it as a download to your dealers. (as you do a 2020 Catalog)  Or we will host it for you.

The cost is very affordable and is based on your PDF file size. We offer a maintenance package to do continuous updates.

Please contact us to discuss your new FlipBook and or your 2020 Catalog.

Sample FlipBook